National Certificate in Computing

(Level 2, 3, and 4)

Business information processing:

  • Operate a word processor
  • Produce information using word processing functions
  • Produce information using advanced word processing functions

Computer support:

  • Describe data communications
  • Produce a simple electronic training package for organization use

Core generic:

  • Protect health and safety in the workplace
  • Provide basic life support

Generic computing:

  • Operate and maintain a personal computer system
  • Manage and protect data in a personal computer system
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the components of personal computer systems
  • Create and use a simple computer spreadsheet to solve a problem
  • Create a computer spreadsheet to provide a solution for organization use
  • Create and use a simple computer flat-file database to solve a problem
  • Produce a computer flat-file database to provide solutions for organization use
  • Produce a simple desktop published document to meet a set brief
  • Produce desktop published documents for organization use
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of computer networks
  • Produce a presentation using a desktop presentation computer application
  • Exchange messages using electronic mail
  • Use computer technology to present a computing topic
  • Use computer technology to solve a specified problem
  • Use computer technology to research and present a computing topic
  • Describe the concepts of computer systems development
  • Demonstrate an understanding of information systems analysis
  • Demonstrate an understanding of project management using a computer application
  • Produce a simple design illustration using a computer application
  • Discuss the social implications of information technology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ergonomic principles for computer workstations
  • Describe types of computer systems
  • Describe information systems departments in business organizations
  • Create individual web pages as a basis of a website
  • Develop and publish an operational website
  • Create a website for organization use

Interpersonal communications:

  • Participate in a predictable 1-1 interview
  • Demonstrate an understanding of documentation for computer applications
  • Demonstrate an understanding of creating multimedia computer applications with scripting

Software Development - Programming:

  • Create a simple computer program to the specifications of a given brief
  • Create a computer program to provide a solution
  • Develop a simple online help system to provide a solution for an organization
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